Archives for offline viewing

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For convenience, several versions of the wiki suitable for offline viewing are available.


Raw archive

This archive is a raw copy created using Httrack website copier.

29 October 2011
25 December 2011
21 January 2011
27 February 2012
20 June 2012
2 December 2012

Note: the utility scripts and a makefile are contained in this package, so it can be used as full upstream source.

Html book

This html book is a modified copy of the above archive with the unnecessary UI elements (such as the sidebar in the left) stripped out.

29 October 2011 File:html book
25 December 2011 File:html book
21 January 2012 File:html book
27 February 2012 File:html book
20 June 2012 File:html book
File:html book 20120620.tar.gz
2 December 2012 File:html book
File:html book 20121202.tar.gz

Devhelp book

Devhelp is a documentation browser for GTK/Gnome.

This Ubuntu PPA contains a deb package cppreference-doc-en-html with a searchable Devhelp book.

Qt help book

qch is a documentation format for use in the Qt tools such as QtCreator or Qt Assistant.

The qch book below contains a version of the html book, adapted for use with the Qt tools. Search also works.

Help needed: maybe someone who knows qch well could investigate the issue? For more information, see talk.
21 January 2012 File:qch book
27 February 2012 File:qch book
20 June 2012 File:qch book
File:qch book 20120620.tar.gz
2 December 2012 File:qch book
File:qch book 20121202.tar.gz

The book is also available as a cppreference-doc-en-qch deb package in This Ubuntu PPA.

See also

The utility scripts are maintained in this git repository.

The debian packaging information is maintained in this git repository. A package containing a devhelp book is proposed into the official Ubuntu repositories.