Revision as of 18:10, 1 November 2012 by Nate (Talk | contribs) is a complex website. Hopefully you won't need to learn much of the complexity in order to successfully improve the machine-generated translations.


Basic process

The machine-translated snippets contain both the translated and original text. In wikicode, they look something like this:

{{tr| machine-translated text | original text}}

As a translator, the only thing that you need to do is to replace this entire construct with a proper translation of original text. That is, after finishing the translation you should only have something like:

verified translation

Note that none of {{tr|, | or }} tokens are left. The original text is also removed.

After all text within an article is translated, please remove the translation notice ({{tr note}} text at the top of the article.

Previous translations

Some articles have old versions that have been overwritten with machine-translated versions because their layout was incompatible (the wiki has had several radical changes in the past). These versions might contain useful information that can be found by viewing the page history.


Most of the articles in the wiki are assembled from small snippets from a variety of pages called templates. Links to these templates can be found near the bottom of every "edit" page. However, in order to make it easier to translate heavily-templated articles, you can enable "inline edit links" to templates -- these links will appear alongside article content, wherever templates are used. To enable inline edit links, you should register an account on this wiki, go to your preferences and enable "ShowEditLinks" gadget under the Gadgets tab. Note that this preference is specific to the wiki you are editing, e.g. if you're translating French wiki, you should change your preferences here.


If you have any questions regarding translations, you can ask here or here.