Atomic operations library

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If the macro constant __STDC_NO_ATOMICS__(C11) is defined by the compiler, the header <stdatomic.h>, the keyword _Atomic, and all of the names listed here are not provided.



Template:c/atomic/dcl list memory orderTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic flag
Defined in header <stdatomic.h>


Template:c/atomic/dcl list ATOMIC LOCK FREE constsTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list ATOMIC FLAG INITTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list ATOMIC VAR INITTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list kill dependency
Defined in header <stdatomic.h>


Template:c/atomic/dcl list atomic flag test and setTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic flag clearTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic initTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic is lock freeTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic storeTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic loadTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic exchangeTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic compare exchangeTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic fetch addTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic fetch subTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic fetch orTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic fetch xorTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic fetch andTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic thread fenceTemplate:c/atomic/dcl list atomic signal fence
Defined in header <stdatomic.h>


Typedef name Full type name
atomic_bool _Atomic _Bool
atomic_char _Atomic char
atomic_schar _Atomic signed char
atomic_uchar _Atomic unsigned char
atomic_short _Atomic short
atomic_ushort _Atomic unsigned short
atomic_int _Atomic int
atomic_uint _Atomic unsigned int
atomic_long _Atomic long
atomic_ulong _Atomic unsigned long
atomic_llong _Atomic long long
atomic_ullong _Atomic unsigned long long
atomic_char16_t _Atomic char16_t
atomic_char32_t _Atomic char32_t
atomic_wchar_t _Atomic wchar_t
atomic_int_least8_t _Atomic int_least8_t
atomic_uint_least8_t _Atomic uint_least8_t
atomic_int_least16_t _Atomic int_least16_t
atomic_uint_least16_t _Atomic uint_least16_t
atomic_int_least32_t _Atomic int_least32_t
atomic_uint_least32_t _Atomic uint_least32_t
atomic_int_least64_t _Atomic int_least64_t
atomic_uint_least64_t _Atomic uint_least64_t
atomic_int_fast8_t _Atomic int_fast8_t
atomic_uint_fast8_t _Atomic uint_fast8_t
atomic_int_fast16_t _Atomic int_fast16_t
atomic_uint_fast16_t _Atomic uint_fast16_t
atomic_int_fast32_t _Atomic int_fast32_t
atomic_uint_fast32_t _Atomic uint_fast32_t
atomic_int_fast64_t _Atomic int_fast64_t
atomic_uint_fast64_t _Atomic uint_fast64_t
atomic_intptr_t _Atomic intptr_t
atomic_uintptr_t _Atomic uintptr_t
atomic_size_t _Atomic size_t
atomic_ptrdiff_t _Atomic ptrdiff_t
atomic_intmax_t _Atomic intmax_t
atomic_uintmax_t _Atomic uintmax_t