Complex number arithmetic

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The header <complex.h> defines macros and declares functions that support complex number arithmetic. Complex values are values of type double complex, float complex, long double complex,

If the macro constant __STDC_IEC_559_COMPLEX__(C99) is defined by the compiler, in addition to the complex types, the imaginary types are also supported: double imaginary, float imaginary, and long double imaginary. When a value of imaginary type is converted to a value of complex type, the resulting complex type has its real component set to zero. When a value of complex type is converted to a value of imaginary type, the real component is discarded.

Standard arithmetic operators +, -, *, / can be used with real, complex, and imaginary types in any combination.

If the macro constant __STDC_NO_COMPLEX__(C11) is defined by the compiler, the header <complex.h> and all of the names listed here are not provided.

If #pragma STDC CX_LIMITED_RANGE on is used, complex multiplication, division, and absolute value may use simplified mathematical formulas, despite the possibility of intermediate overflow.

Template:c/numeric/complex/dcl list complexTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list Complex ITemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list imaginaryTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list Imaginary ITemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list ITemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list CMPLXTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list cimagTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list crealTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list cargTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list conjTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list cprojTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list cabsTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list cexpTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list clogTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list cpowTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list csqrtTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list cacosTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list casinTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list catanTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list ccosTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list csinTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list ctanTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list cacoshTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list casinhTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list catanhTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list ccoshTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list csinhTemplate:c/numeric/complex/dcl list ctanh
Defined in header <complex.h>


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