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Defined in header <string.h>
size_t strxfrm( const char          *dest, const char          *src,
                size_t count );
(until C99)
size_t strxfrm( const char *restrict dest, const char *restrict src,
                size_t count );
(since C99)

Transforms the null-terminated byte string pointed to by src according to the current locale and copies the first count characters of the transformed string to destination, returning its length. Alternativelly, the function can be used to only retrieve the length, by specifying a null pointer for dest and 0 for count.


[edit] Parameters

dest - pointer to the byte string to copy the transformed string to
src - pointer to the null-terminated byte string to transform
count - maximum number of characters to transform

[edit] Return value

The length of the transformed string, not including the terminating null-character.

[edit] Example

[edit] See also

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