Thread support library

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If the macro constant __STDC_NO_THREADS__(C11) is defined by the compiler, the header <threads.h> and all of the names listed here are not provided.



Template:c/thread/dcl list thrd tTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd createTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd equalTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd currentTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd sleepTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd yieldTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd exitTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd detachTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd joinTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd errorsTemplate:c/thread/dcl list thrd start t
Defined in header <threads.h>

Mutual exclusion

Template:c/thread/dcl list mtx tTemplate:c/thread/dcl list mtx initTemplate:c/thread/dcl list mtx lockTemplate:c/thread/dcl list mtx timedlockTemplate:c/thread/dcl list mtx trylockTemplate:c/thread/dcl list mtx unlockTemplate:c/thread/dcl list mtx destroyTemplate:c/thread/dcl list mtx typesTemplate:c/thread/dcl list once flagTemplate:c/thread/dcl list ONCE FLAG INITTemplate:c/thread/dcl list call once
Defined in header <threads.h>
Call once

Condition variables

Template:c/thread/dcl list cnd initTemplate:c/thread/dcl list cnd signalTemplate:c/thread/dcl list cnd broadcastTemplate:c/thread/dcl list cnd waitTemplate:c/thread/dcl list cnd timedwaitTemplate:c/thread/dcl list cnd destroy
Defined in header <threads.h>
cnd_t condition variable identifier

Thread-local storage

Template:c/thread/dcl list thread localTemplate:c/thread/dcl list tss tTemplate:c/thread/dcl list TSS DTOR ITERATIONSTemplate:c/thread/dcl list tss dtor tTemplate:c/thread/dcl list tss createTemplate:c/thread/dcl list tss getTemplate:c/thread/dcl list tss setTemplate:c/thread/dcl list tss delete
Defined in header <threads.h>