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Defined in header <atomic>
extern "C" void atomic_thread_fence( std::memory_order order );
(since C++11)

Establishes memory synchronization ordering of non-atomic and relaxed atomic accesses, as instructed by order, without an associated atomic operation. For example, all non-atomic and relaxed atomic stores that happen before a std::memory_order_release fence in thread A will be synchronized with non-atomic and relaxed atomic loads from the same locations made in thread B after an std::memory_order_acquire fence.



order - the memory ordering executed by this fence

Return value



noexcept specification:  


atomic_thread_fence imposes stronger synchronization constraints than an atomic store operation with the same std::memory_order. While an atomic store-release operation prevents all preceding writes from moving past the store-release, an atomic_thread_fence with memory_order_release ordering prevents all preceding writes from moving past all subsequent stores.


Scan an array of mailboxes, and process only the ones intended for us, without unnecessary synchronization.

const int num_mailboxes = 32;
std::atomic<int> mailbox[num_mailboxes];
// The writer threads update non-atomic shared data and then update mailbox[i] as follows
 std::atomic_store_explicit(&mailbox[i], std::memory_order_release);
// Reader thread needs to check all mailbox[i], but only needs to sync with one
 for (int i = 0; i < num_mailboxes; ++i) {
    if (std::atomic_load_explicit(&mailbox[i],  std::memory_order_relaxed) == my_id) {
        std::atomic_thread_fence(std::memory_order_acquire); // synchronize with just one writer
        do_work(i); // guaranteed to observe everything done in the writer thread before
                    // the atomic_store_explicit()

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