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Defined in header <vector>
template<class Allocator = std::allocator<bool>>
class vector<bool, Allocator>;

std::vector<bool> is a space-efficient specialization of std::vector for the type bool.

The manner in which std::vector<bool> is made space efficient (as well as whether it is optimized at all) is implementation defined. One potential optimization involves coalescing vector elements such that each element occupies a single bit instead of a byte-sized bool.

std::vector<bool> behaves similarly to std::vector, but in order to be space efficient, it:

  • Does not necessarily store its data in a single contiguous chunk of memory.
  • Exposes std::vector<bool>::reference as a method of accessing individual bits.
  • Does not use std::allocator_traits::construct to construct bit values.


Member types

Template:cpp/container/dcl list value typeTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list allocator typeTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list size typeTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list difference typeTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list const referenceTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list pointerTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list const pointerTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list iteratorTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list const iteratorTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list reverse iteratorTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list const reverse iterator
Member type Definition
proxy class representing a reference to a single bool

Member functions

Template:cpp/container/dcl list constructorTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list destructorTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list operator=Template:cpp/container/dcl list assignTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list get allocatorTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list atTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list operator atTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list frontTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list backTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list beginTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list endTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list rbeginTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list rendTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list emptyTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list sizeTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list max sizeTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list reserveTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list capacityTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list clearTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list insertTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list eraseTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list push backTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list pop backTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list resizeTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list swapTemplate:cpp/container/vector bool/dcl list flipTemplate:cpp/container/vector bool/dcl list swap
Element access
vector<bool> specific modifiers

Non-member functions

Template:cpp/container/dcl list operator cmpTemplate:cpp/container/dcl list swap2

Helper classes

Template:cpp/container/vector bool/dcl list hash


If the size of the bitset is known at compile time, std::bitset may be used, which offers a richer set of member functions. In addition, boost::dynamic_bitset exists as an alternative to std::vector<bool>.

Since its representation may by optimized, std::vector<bool> does not necessarily meet all Container or SequenceContainer requirements. For example, because std::vector<bool>::iterator is implementation-defined, it may not satisfy the ForwardIterator requirement. Use of algorithms such as std::search that require ForwardIterators may result in either compile-time or run-time errors.