std::vwprintf, std::vfwprintf, std::vswprintf

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Defined in header <cwchar>
int vwprintf( const wchar_t* format, va_list vlist );
int vfwprintf( std::FILE* stream, const wchar_t* format, va_list vlist );
int vswprintf( const wchar_t* buffer, std::size_t size, const wchar_t* format, va_list vlist );

Loads the data from locations, defined by vlist,, converts them to wide string equivalents and writes the results to a variety of sinks.

1) Writes the results to stdout.
2) Writes the results to a file stream stream.
3) Writes the results to a wide string buffer.


[edit] Parameters

[edit] Return value

Number of wide characters written if successful or negative value if an error occurred.

[edit] Example

[edit] See also

prints formatted wide character output to stdout, a file stream or a buffer
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C documentation for vwprintf, vfwprintf, vswprintf