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typedef /*unspecified*/ streamoff;

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The type std::streamoff is a signed integral type of sufficient size to represent the maximum possible file size supported by the operating system. Typically, this is a typedef to long long.

It is used to represent offsets from stream positions (values of type std::fpos). A std::streamoff value of -1 is also used to represent error conditions by some of the I/O library functions.

Relationship with std::fpos

  • the difference between two std::fpos objects is a value of type std::streamoff
  • a value of type std::streamoff may be added or subtracted from std::fpos yielding a different std::fpos.
  • a value of type std::fpos is implicitly convertible to std::streamoff (the conversion results in the offset from the beginning of the file.
  • a value of type std::fpos is constructible from a value of type std::streamoff

See also

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