Dynamic memory management

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Smart pointers

Smart pointers enable automatic, exception-safe, object lifetime management.

Template:cpp/memory/dcl list unique ptrTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list shared ptrTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list weak ptrTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list auto ptrTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list owner lessTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list enable shared from thisTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list bad weak ptrTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list default delete
Defined in header <memory>
Pointer categories
Helper classes


Allocators are class templates encapsulating memory allocation strategy. This allows generic containers to decouple memory management from the data itself.

Template:cpp/memory/dcl list allocatorTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list allocator traitsTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list allocator arg tTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list allocator argTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list uses allocatorTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list scoped allocator adaptor
Defined in header <memory>
Defined in header <scoped_allocator>

Uninitialized storage

Several utilities are provided to create and access raw storage

Template:cpp/memory/dcl list uninitialized copyTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list uninitialized copy nTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list uninitialized fillTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list uninitialized fill nTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list raw storage iteratorTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list get temporary bufferTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list return temporary buffer
Defined in header <memory>

Garbage collector support

Template:cpp/memory/gc/dcl list declare reachableTemplate:cpp/memory/gc/dcl list undeclare reachableTemplate:cpp/memory/gc/dcl list declare no pointersTemplate:cpp/memory/gc/dcl list undeclare no pointersTemplate:cpp/memory/gc/dcl list pointer safetyTemplate:cpp/memory/gc/dcl list get pointer safety
Defined in header <memory>


Template:cpp/memory/dcl list pointer traitsTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list addressofTemplate:cpp/memory/dcl list align
Defined in header <memory>

C-style memory management

Includes e.g. std::malloc, std::free

Low level memory management

Includes e.g. operator new , operator delete , std::set_new_handler