Template:ddcl list begin <tr class="t-dcl ">

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<td > (1) </td> <td > (since C++11) </td> </tr> <tr class="t-dcl ">

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template<class InputIteratorB, class InputIteratorW>

  piecewise_constant_distribution(InputIteratorB firstB, InputIteratorB lastB,

  InputIteratorW firstW);

<td > (2) </td> <td > (since C++11) </td> </tr> <tr class="t-dcl ">

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template<class UnaryOperation>
  piecewise_constant_distribution(std::initializer_list<RealType> bl, UnaryOperation fw);

<td > (3) </td> <td > (since C++11) </td> </tr> <tr class="t-dcl ">

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template<class UnaryOperation>
  piecewise_constant_distribution(size_t nw, RealType xmin, RealType xmax, UnaryOperation fw);

<td > (4) </td> <td > (since C++11) </td> </tr> <tr class="t-dcl ">

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explicit piecewise_constant_distribution(const param_type& parm);

<td > (5) </td> <td > (since C++11) </td> </tr> Template:ddcl list end

Constructs new piecewise constant distribution object.

1) Constructs a piecewise_constant_distribution object with n = 1, ρ0 = 1, b0 = 0, and b1 = 1.
2) Constructs a piecewise_constant_distribution object from iterators over the and interval sequnce [firstB, lastB) and a matching weight sequence starting at firstW.
3) Constructs a piecewise_constant_distribution object where the intervals are taken from the iitializer list bl and the weights generated by the function bl.
4) Constructs a piecewise_constant_distribution object with the nw intervals distributed uniformly over [xmin, xmax]
5) Constructs a piecewise_constant_distribution object initialized with the parameters param.


firstB - iterator initialized to the start of the interval sequence
lastB - iterator initialized to one-past-the-end of the interval sequence
firstW - interator initialized to the start of the density (wieght) sequence
bl - initializer_list yielding the interval sequnce
fw - double(double) function yielding the densities
nw - the number of densities
xmin - the lower bound of the interval sequence
xmax - the upper bound of the interval sequence
parm - the distribution parameter set