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valarray<T> cshift( int count ) const;

Returns a new valarray of the same size with elements whose positions are shifted circularly by count elements. The new position of each element is (i−count) mod s where i is the previous position and s is size().


[edit] Parameters

count - number of positions to shift the elements by

[edit] Return value

The resulting valarray with circularly shifted elements.

[edit] Notes

The function can be implemented with the return type different from std::valarray. In this case, the replacement type has the following properties:

  • All const member functions of std::valarray are provided.
  • std::valarray, std::slice_array, std::gslice_array, std::mask_array and std::indirect_array can be constructed from the replacement type.
  • All functions accepting an argument of type const std::valarray& except begin() and end() (since C++14) should also accept the replacement type.
  • All functions accepting two arguments of type const std::valarray& should accept every combination of const std::valarray& and the replacement type.
  • The return type does not add more than two levels of template nesting over the most deeply-nested argument type.

[edit] Example

[edit] See also

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