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Defined in header <regex>
typedef /*implementation defined*/ error_type;
(since C++11)
constexpr error_type error_collate = /*unspecified*/;

constexpr error_type error_ctype = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_escape = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_backref = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_brack = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_paren = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_brace = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_badbrace = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_range = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_space = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_badrepeat = /*unspecified*/;
constexpr error_type error_complexity = /*unspecified*/;

constexpr error_type error_stack = /*unspecified*/;
(since C++11)

The error_type is a type that describes errors that may occur during regular expression parsing.

[edit] Constants

Constant Explanation
error_collate the expression contains an invalid collating element name
error_ctype the expression contains an invalid character class name
error_escape the expression contains an invalid escaped character or a trailing escape
error_backref the expression contains an invalid back reference
error_brack the expression contains mismatched square brackets ('[' and ']')
error_paren the expression contains mismatched parentheses ('(' and ')')
error_brace the expression contains mismatched curly braces ('{' and '}')
error_badbrace the expression contains an invalid range in a {} expression
error_range the expression contains an invalid character range (e.g. [b-a])
error_space there was not enough memory to convert the expression into a finite state machine
error_badrepeat one of *?+{ was not preceded by a valid regular expression
error_complexity the complexity of an attempted match exceeded a predefined level
error_stack there was not enough memory to perform a match

[edit] Notes

In C++11, these constants were specified with redundant keyword static, which was removed by C++14 via LWG issue 2053

[edit] See also

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