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Template:ddcl list begin <tr class="t-dcl ">

<td >
static const std::float_denorm_style has_denorm

<td class="t-dcl-nopad"> </td> <td > (until C++11) </td> </tr> <tr class="t-dcl ">

<td >
static constexpr std::float_denorm_style has_denorm

<td class="t-dcl-nopad"> </td> <td > (since C++11) </td> </tr> Template:ddcl list end

The value of std::numeric_limits<T>::has_denorm identifies the floating-point types that support subnormal values.

Standard specializations

T value of std::numeric_limits<T>::has_denorm
/* non-specialized */ std::denorm_absent
bool std::denorm_absent
char std::denorm_absent
signed char std::denorm_absent
unsigned char std::denorm_absent
wchar_t std::denorm_absent
char16_t std::denorm_absent
char32_t std::denorm_absent
short std::denorm_absent
unsigned short std::denorm_absent
int std::denorm_absent
unsigned int std::denorm_absent
long std::denorm_absent
unsigned long std::denorm_absent
long long std::denorm_absent
unsigned long long std::denorm_absent
float usually std::denorm_present
double usually std::denorm_present
long double usually std::denorm_present

See also

returns the smallest positive subnormal value of the given floating-point type
(public static member function) [edit]
indicates floating-point denormalization modes
(enum) [edit]