The friend declarations really belong in cpp/language/friend, not here. --- Undeterminant 19:03, 7 March 2012 (PST)

It's only mentioned here to document what can go in the class body. Actual documentation would be in cpp/language/friend --Bazzy 02:53, 8 March 2012 (PST)

No information about rvalue ref for *this --Balki (talk) 11:21, 6 September 2013 (PDT)

are you referring to the ref-qualifiers for member functions? I'm split between explaining them in cpp/language/overload_resolution and cpp/language/member_functions (it's currently in both with member_functions holding the main chunk of text) --Cubbi (talk) 13:00, 6 September 2013 (PDT)

I think in this article sould the difference between class and struct be mentiond. The only difference is the default access specifier, or is there more?

You're right, this is a good place to enumerate the differences. Added. --Cubbi (talk) 04:13, 23 January 2014 (PST)