template< class CharT, class Traits,

          ... >
    operator<<( std::basic_ostream<CharT,Traits>& ost,

                const std::{{{1}}}<...>& e );
(1) (since C++11)
template< class CharT, class Traits,

          ... >
    operator>>( std::basic_istream<CharT,Traits>& ist,

                std::{{{1}}}<...>& e );
(2) (since C++11)
1) Serializes the internal state of the pseudo-random number engine adaptor as a sequence of decimal numbers separated by one or more spaces, and inserts it to the stream ost. The fill character and the formatting flags of the stream are ignored and unaffected.
2) Restores the internal state of the pseudo-random number engine adaptor e from the serialized representation, which was created by an earlier call to operator<< using a stream with the same imbued locale and the same CharT and Traits. If the input cannot be deserialized, e is left unchanged and failbit is raised on ist

If a textual representation is written using os << x and that representation is restored into the same or a different object y of the same type using is >> y, then x==y.


[edit] Parameters

ost - output stream to insert the data to
ist - input stream to extract the data from
e - engine adaptor to serialize or restore

[edit] Return value

1) ost
2) ist

[edit] Complexity

[edit] Exceptions

1) (none)
2) May throw std::ios::failure when setting failbit