I use C++ (with C++14 and boost) both at work and as a hobby.

I post on stackoverflow when I can.

Back around 2010 I actually started working on my own C++ reference, but then became publicly editable and I've redirected my efforts here.


  • Write up the TSs that reached PDTS/DTS status (these are one and the same as of 2015!)
  • finish up cpp/language (qual lookup, various other todos)
  • finish up the remaining redlinks in cpp/concepts
  • consider more big-picture items for cpp/language Miscellaneous, such as
  • Tag dispatch
  • CRTP, mixins, and policies
  • Pimpl
  • Value-semantic polymorphism
  • explain rebind for allocator concept/allocator_traits/std::allocator/scoped allocator adaptor
  • better, compilable, atomic examples (now that I have the book)
  • better examples for valarray masks and slices