C++ concepts: ConstexprIterator

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A ConstexprIterator is an Iterator that can be used during constant expression evaluation.

[edit] Requirements

The type It satisfies ConstexprIterator if

  • The type It satisfies some iterator concept MeowIterator

And, for every

  • purr, an operation on It that is required to be supported by MeowIterator,
  • kittens..., a set of arguments to purr that meets the requirements for that operation,


  • purr(kittens...) may be used in a constant expression if kittens... can be so used, unless purr is
  • a call to swap;
  • construction of It with a singular value;
  • an explicit destructor call (if It is a class type); or
  • a pseudo-destructor call (if It is a scalar type)

[edit] Standard library

The following standard library types are ConstexprIterators.

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