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The C++ numerics library includes common mathematical functions and types, as well as optimized numeric arrays and support for random number generation.


[edit] Mathematical functions and types

[edit] Common mathematical functions

The header cmath provides standard C library mathematical functions such as std::fabs, std::sqrt, and std::sin.

Mathematical special functions

The header cmath also provides several mathematical special functions such as std::beta, std::hermite, and std::cyl_bessel_i.

(since C++17)

[edit] Complex number arithmetic

Defined in header <complex>
a complex number type
(class template)

[edit] Numeric arrays

Defined in header <valarray>
numeric arrays, array masks and array slices
(class template)

[edit] Numeric algorithms

The header numeric provides numeric algorithms below:

[edit] Factor operations

Defined in header <numeric>
constexpr function template returning the greatest common divisor of two integers
(function template) [edit]
constexpr function template returning the least common multiple of two integers
(function template) [edit]

[edit] Numeric operations

Defined in header <numeric>
fills a range with successive increments of the starting value
(function template) [edit]
sums up a range of elements
(function template) [edit]
similar to std::accumulate, except out of order
(function template) [edit]
applies a functor, then reduces out of order
(function template) [edit]
computes the inner product of two ranges of elements
(function template) [edit]
computes the differences between adjacent elements in a range
(function template) [edit]
computes the partial sum of a range of elements
(function template) [edit]
similar to std::partial_sum, includes the ith input element in the ith sum
(function template) [edit]
similar to std::partial_sum, excludes the ith input element from the ith sum
(function template) [edit]
applies a functor, then calculates inclusive scan
(function template) [edit]
applies a functor, then calculates exclusive scan
(function template) [edit]

[edit] Miscellanous

[edit] Pseudo-random number generation

The header random defines pseudo-random number generators and numerical distributions. The header cstdlib also includes C-style random number generation via std::srand and std::rand.

[edit] Compile time rational arithmetic (since C++11)

The header ratio provides types and functions for manipulating and storing compile-time ratios.

[edit] Floating-point environment(since C++11)

The header cfenv defines flags and functions related to exceptional floating-point state, such as overflow and division by zero.

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