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Defined in header <random>
template< class RealType = double >
class gamma_distribution;
(since C++11)

Produces random positive floating-point values x, distributed according to probability density function:

P(x|α,β) =
· Γ(α)
· xα-1

where α is known as the shape parameter and β is known as the scale parameter. The shape parameter is sometimes denoted by the letter k and the scale parameter is sometimes denoted by the letter θ.

For floating-point α, the value obtained is the sum of α independent exponentially distributed random variables, each of which has a mean of β

std::gamma_distribution satisfies RandomNumberDistribution


[edit] Template parameters

RealType - The result type generated by the generator. The effect is undefined if this is not one of float, double, or long double.

[edit] Member types

Member type Definition
result_type RealType
param_type the type of the parameter set, see RandomNumberDistribution.

[edit] Member functions

constructs new distribution
(public member function) [edit]
resets the internal state of the distribution
(public member function) [edit]
generates the next random number in the distribution
(public member function) [edit]
returns the distribution parameters
(public member function) [edit]
gets or sets the distribution parameter object
(public member function) [edit]
returns the minimum potentially generated value
(public member function) [edit]
returns the maximum potentially generated value
(public member function) [edit]

[edit] Non-member functions

compares two distribution objects
(function) [edit]
performs stream input and output on pseudo-random number distribution
(function template) [edit]

[edit] Example

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Weisstein, Eric W. "Gamma Distribution." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.