Archives for offline viewing


For convenience, several versions of the wiki suitable for offline viewing are available.


[edit] Html book

This html book is an offline copy of the website with unnecessary UI elements stripped out. Choose this if you just want to access via a browser while without internet connection.

7 June 2019
Old versions
File:html book
File:html book 20190607.tar.xz

[edit] Raw archive

This archive is a raw copy created using wget (GNU Wget). Note that this archive is not useful for viewing as-is, please use the HTML book instead. Note: the utility scripts and a makefile are contained in this package, so it can be used as full upstream source.

7 June 2019
Old versions

[edit] Unofficial Release

An unofficial fork that is updated more frequently can be found in this git repository.

10 June 2024
Old versions (52MB)
html-book-20240610.tar.xz (6MB)
Other files (qch and raw archive)

[edit] Devhelp book

Devhelp is a documentation browser for GTK/Gnome.

The book is available as cppreference-doc-en-html deb package in the official Debian and Ubuntu repositories.

For arch users, the package cppreference-devhelp could be found here, which can be installed from AUR by tools like yaourt.

[edit] Qt help book

qch is a documentation format for use in the Qt tools such as QtCreator or Qt Assistant v5 / v6.

The qch book below contains a version of the html book, adapted for use with the Qt tools. Search also works.

Note: Old versions of QtCreator or QtAssistant display the documentation improperly. If you see bad formatting, please update these programs. The oldest versions that display the contents correctly are QtCreator v3.0 and QtAssistant v4.8.6.
7 June 2019
Old versions
File:qch book
File:qch book 20190607.tar.xz

The book is available as cppreference-doc-en-qch deb package in the official Debian and Ubuntu repositories.

The book is also provided by AUR package cppreference-qt for Arch Linux users.

[edit] Doxygen tag file

Doxygen is a tool to automatically generate documentation from source code comments. It supports automatic linking of C++ names to external documentation via tag file functionality. Two tag files are provided in the "html book" archive mentioned above:

  • local: use the cppreference-doxygen-local.tag.xml file to link to the local "html book" archive at the default install location.
  • web: cppreference-doxygen-web.tag.xml to link directly to the website.

In order to support external cppreference documentation, Doxyfile needs to be modified as follows:

  • If the link target is local archive, add the following line:
TAGFILES += "location/of/cppreference-doxygen-local.tag.xml=/location/of/html/book/root/".
  • If the link target is, add the following line:
TAGFILES += "location/of/cppreference-doxygen-web.tag.xml=".

[edit] Manpages

  • stdman: automatically generated man pages. Installation notes are included in the README and updates follow the offline archive releases. Last update: 1 February 2022 (~ 4.7 MB).
  • cppman: manual pages for Linux/MacOS, with syntax highlighting of example code and hyperlinks between manpages. Installation is available via pip/AUR/apt/brew/port. The manpages can be generated/cached on-the-fly (online), one page per request, or all available pages can be fetched, for further "offline" browsing.

[edit] Bugs

All bugs in the offline archives should be reported either to the talk page or to the issues page of the cppreference-doc github project.

[edit] See also

  • The utility scripts are maintained in this git repository.
  • The Debian packaging information is maintained in this git repository.
  • An independently-maintained CHM (Windows help) archive can be found in this git repository.