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RAP 2018 motions

LEWG motion

  • P0921R2 "Standard Library Compatibility"

CWG motions (C++ IS)

  • Ready issues (P1113R0) and tentatively ready issues (P1114R0) - DRs except 2359
Issue # Status Notes
CWG 2254  Not done
CWG 2293  Not done
CWG 2294  Not done
CWG 2321  Not done
CWG 2322  Not done
CWG 2339  Not done
CWG 2233  Not done
CWG 2249  Not done
CWG 2285  Not done
CWG 2351  Not done
CWG 2356  Not done
CWG 2359  Done not DR
  • P1042R1 (__VA_OPT__ wording clarifications)
  • cpp/preprocessor/replace doesn't cover __VA_OPT__ at the level of detail for which the fixes would be applicable. We don't even have the word "placemarker" anywhere on the page...
  • P0929R2 (Checking for abstract class types) - DR
  • P0732R2 (Class Types in Non-Type Template Parameters)
  •  Done P0542R5 (Support for contract based programming in C++)
  • Core uses contract-level, library uses "assertion-level" => asked LWG & author about intent
  • Implied full set of defaulted SMFs, probably not what we want => asked LWG & author about intent
  • Library wording fails to reserve expects and ensures because they are not technically attribute-tokens => LWG issue 3132
  • P0941R2 (Integrating feature-test macros into the C++ WD (rev. 2))
  •  Done P0806R2 (Deprecate implicit capture of this via [=])
  •  No-op P1025R1 (Update The Reference To The Unicode Standard)
  •  Done P0528R3 (The Curious Case of Padding Bits, Featuring Atomic Compare-and-Exchange)
  •  Done by Cubbi P0722R3 (Efficient sized delete for variable sized classes)
  •  Done P1064R0 (Allowing Virtual Function Calls in Constant Expressions)
  •  Done P1008R1 (Prohibit aggregates with user-declared constructors)
  •  Done P1120R0 (Consistency improvements for <=> and other comparison operators)
  •  Done P0892R2 (explicit(bool))

LWG motions (Parallelism 2 TS)

  • P0964R2 (Finding the right set of traits for simd<T>).
  • P1111R0 (Resolutions to NB Comments on the Parallelism TS v2)
  • P0820R4 (Feedback on P0214).
  • P1118R0 (Concat and Split on simd<> objects).
don't have these

LWG motions (Reflection TS)

LWG motions (Coroutines TS)

  • P0912R2 section "LWG requested edits on 2018-June-08"
  • P0664R4 issue #29

LWG motions (Networking TS)

LWG motions (C++ IS)

  • done except for 3062 (won't fix) and 2139
Issue # Status Notes
LWG 2970  Done
LWG 3058  Done
LWG 3067  Done I don't think this requires a DR list.
LWG 3074  Done
LWG 3076  Done Rephrased. I find it silly to constrain a constructor for a class template argument that would be UB to use.
LWG 3079  No-op We did this when applying 2935
LWG 3080  Done
LWG 3083  Done
LWG 3094  Done
LWG 3100  No-op
LWG 3102  Done
LWG 3104  No-op
  •  No-op P0788R3 (Standard Library Specification in a Concepts and Contracts World)
  •  Done P0458R2 (Checking for Existence of an Element in Associative Containers).
  •  Done P0887R1 (The identity metafunction)
  •  Done P0769R2 (Add shift to <algorithm>)
  •  Done P0879R0 (Constexpr for swap and swap related functions) resolves 2800
  •  Done P0758R1 (Implicit conversion traits and utility functions)
  •  Done P1023R0 (constexpr comparison operators for std::array)
  •  Done P0646R1 (Improving the Return Value of Erase-Like Algorithms)
  •  Done P0619R4 (Reviewing Deprecated Facilities of C++17 for C++20)
  • Didn't do the explicit defaulting thing.
  •  Done P0935R0 (Eradicating unnecessarily explicit default constructors from the standard library)
  •  Done P0475R1 (LWG 2511: guaranteed copy elision for piecewise construction)
  •  Done P0476R2 (Bit-casting object representations)
  •  Done P0759R1 (std::fpos Requirements).
  •  Done P0556R3 (Integral power-of-2 operations)
  •  Done P0019R8 (Atomic Ref)
  •  Done P0898R3 (Standard Library Concepts)

JAX 2018 motions not yet applied

  • P0968R0 (Core Language Working Group "tentatively ready" Issues)
Issue # Status Notes
CWG 1893  Not done
CWG 1910  Not done
CWG 1983  Not done
CWG 2059  Not done
CWG 2081  Not done
CWG 2088  Not done
CWG 2092  Not done
CWG 2164  Not done
CWG 2226  Not done
CWG 2227  Not done
CWG 2229  Not done
CWG 2234  Not done
CWG 2235  Not done
CWG 2237  Not done not DR
CWG 2255  Not done
CWG 2260  Not done
CWG 2299  Not done
  • P0840R2 (Language support for empty objects)
  • Need to check CIL and maybe other stuff
  • P0780R2 (Allow pack expansion in lambda init-capture)
  • On hold pending possible change to the spelling of reference init-capture pack
  • P0551R3 (Thou Shalt Not Specialize std Function Templates!).
  • P0858R0 (Constexpr iterator requirements).
  • ...this misuses "pseudo-destructor".
  • Also, "constexpr functions"...
  • P0214R9 (Data-Parallel Vector Types & Operations)

Other stuff to do

  • [tab:containers.node.compat] - no row with two multimeows. Intentional (transitivity)?

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