User:T. Canens/LWG issues not yet applied

Issue # Status Notes
LWG 2139  Not done "program-defined", library-wide wording
LWG 3062  Won't fix more decay/remove_cvref on pre-C++20 stuff. Not bothering.
LWG 3071  Not done Networking TS
LWG 2164  Not done
LWG 3039  Won't fix decay/remove_cvref again. I don't want to revbox this thing.
LWG 3002  Not done Networking TS
LWG 3010  Not done Networking TS
LWG 3020  Not done Networking TS
LWG 2779  Not done Networking TS
LWG 2978  Done Might be DR
LWG 2998  Not done Just needs a {{dr list}} on the affected functions.
LWG 2593  Not done Need to figure out if this should get the DR treatment.
LWG 2932  Not done More blanket wording. And did they really wordsmith the PR? unexplained "@=" when "compound assignment" will do? "relevant concept"?
LWG 2954  Not done More blanket wording.
LWG 2974  Not done Want to see if implementers treat this as a DR first - they probably will.
LWG 2795  Not done Where do we put global library wording again?
LWG 2903  Not done
LWG 2514  Not done this needs to go...somewhere. Not sure where.
LWG 2584  Not done
LWG 2760  Not done We don't have any summary on iterator invalidation for basic_string?
LWG 2393  Not done Lvalue-Callable. I want to burn this thing to the ground. (Seriously, do we want to rename Callable?
LWG 2542  Not done We need to finish AssociativeContainer, and/or add a note for all containers involved.
LWG 2436  Not done Like 2542.
LWG 2181  Not done need to check everything taking a seed sequence
LWG 2426  Not done
LWG 2309  Not done
LWG 2710  Not done
LWG 2685  Not done
LWG 2689  Not done
LWG 2555  Not done
LWG 2451  Not done
LWG 2573  Not done
LWG 2551  Not done
LWG 2516  Not done
LWG 2509  Not done
LWG 2704  Not done
LWG 2711  Not done CONSTRAIN THEM ALL!!!!
LWG 2718  Not done
LWG 2726  Not done This is about the most annoying specification ever.
LWG 2192  Not done
LWG 2579  Not done
LWG 2583  Done Applied by Cubbi (possible dr list material)
LWG 2590  Not done
LWG 2259  Not done Same problem as LWG 2224, below
LWG 2224  Not done I don't see a good place to apply it. Many parts of clause 17 (e.g., the prohibition against instantiating std:: templates with incomplete types or the leeway granted to implementers on member function signatures, see LWG2259 above) don't appear to be in cppreference.