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[edit] Program termination

The following functions manage program termination and resources cleanup.

Defined in header <stdlib.h>
causes abnormal program termination (without cleaning up)
(function) [edit]
causes normal program termination with cleaning up
(function) [edit]
causes normal program termination without completely cleaning up
(function) [edit]
causes normal program termination without cleaning up
(function) [edit]
registers a function to be called on exit() invocation
(function) [edit]
registers a function to be called on quick_exit invocation
(function) [edit]
indicates program execution execution status
(macro constant) [edit]

[edit] Unreachable control flow

Defined in header <stddef.h>
marks unreachable point of execution
(function macro) [edit]

[edit] Communicating with the environment

Defined in header <stdlib.h>
calls the host environment's command processor
(function) [edit]
access to the list of environment variables
(function) [edit]

[edit] Signals

Several functions and macro constants for signal management are provided.

Defined in header <signal.h>
sets a signal handler for particular signal
(function) [edit]
runs the signal handler for particular signal
(function) [edit]
the integer type that can be accessed as an atomic entity from an asynchronous signal handler
defines signal handling strategies
(macro constant) [edit]
error was encountered
(macro constant) [edit]
Signal types
defines signal types
(macro constant) [edit]

[edit] Non-local jumps

Defined in header <setjmp.h>
saves the context
(function macro) [edit]
jumps to specified location
(function) [edit]
execution context type
(typedef) [edit]

[edit] References

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