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Defined in header <chrono>
enum class choose {


(since C++20)

The scoped enumeration choose can be passed to certain member functions of std::chrono::time_zone and std::chrono::zoned_time to control how ambiguous or nonexistent local times should be resolved. Passing choose::earliest causes the earlier time point to be returned, while passing choose::latest causes the later time point to be returned. (For nonexistent local times, these two time points are identical.)

If a choose is not passed and an ambiguous or nonexistent local time is encountered, a std::chrono::ambiguous_local_time or std::chrono::nonexistent_local_time exception (as applicable) will be thrown.

[edit] See also

constructs a zoned_time
(public member function of std::chrono::zoned_time<Duration,TimeZonePtr>) [edit]
converts a local_time in this time zone to a sys_time
(public member function of std::chrono::time_zone) [edit]