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Defined in header <chrono>
template< class Duration >
class hh_mm_ss;
(since C++20)

The class template hh_mm_ss splits a std::chrono::duration into a "broken down" time such as hours:minutes:seconds, with the precision of the split determined by the Duration template parameter. It is primarily a formatting tool.

Duration must be a specialization of std::chrono::duration, otherwise the program is ill-formed.


[edit] Member constants

constexpr unsigned fractional_width
the smallest possible integer in the range [018] such that precision (see below) will exactly represent the value of Duration{1}, or 6 if there's no such integer
(public static member constant)

[edit] Member types

Member type Definition

std::chrono::duration<std::common_type_t<Duration::rep, std::chrono::seconds::rep>,                       std::ratio<1, 10fractional_width>>

[edit] Member functions

constructs a hh_mm_ss
(public member function) [edit]
obtains components of the broken-down time
(public member function) [edit]
obtains the stored std::chrono::duration
(public member function) [edit]

[edit] Non-member functions

outputs a hh_mm_ss into a stream
(function template) [edit]

[edit] Helper classes

formatting support for hh_mm_ss
(class template specialization) [edit]