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constexpr hh_mm_ss() noexcept : hh_mm_ss{Duration::zero()} {}
constexpr explicit hh_mm_ss( Duration d );

Constructs a hh_mm_ss object.

1) Constructs a hh_mm_ss object corresponding to Duration::zero().
2) Constructs a hh_mm_ss object corresponding to d:

[edit] Parameters

d - the duration to be broken down

[edit] Example

#include <chrono>
#include <print>
int main()
    std::println("Default constructor: {}", std::chrono::hh_mm_ss<std::chrono::minutes>{});
    std::chrono::time_point now = std::chrono::system_clock::now();
    std::chrono::hh_mm_ss time_of_day{now - std::chrono::floor<std::chrono::days>(now)};
    std::println("The time of day is: {}", time_of_day);

Possible output:

Default constructor: 00:00:00
The time of day is: 12:13:14.151617189