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Defined in header <chrono>
template< class CharT, class Traits, class Duration >

std::basic_ostream<CharT, Traits>&
operator<<( std::basic_ostream<CharT, Traits>& os,

            const std::chrono::hh_mm_ss<Duration>& t );
(since C++20)

Outputs t into the stream os.

Equivalent to return os << std::format(os.getloc(), STATICALLY_WIDEN<CharT>("{:L%T}"), hms); where STATICALLY_WIDEN<CharT>("{:L%T}") is "{:L%T}" if CharT is char, and L"{:L%T}" if CharT is wchar_t.


[edit] Parameters

os - the output stream.
t - the time of day to be output.

[edit] Return value


[edit] Example

[edit] Defect reports

The following behavior-changing defect reports were applied retroactively to previously published C++ standards.

DR Applied to Behavior as published Correct behavior
P2372R3 C++20 the given locale was used by default L is needed to use the given locale

[edit] See also

stores formatted representation of the arguments in a new string
(function template) [edit]
specialization of std::formatter that formats a hh_mm_ss according to the provided format
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