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weekday() = default;
(1) (since C++20)
constexpr explicit weekday( unsigned wd ) noexcept;
(2) (since C++20)
constexpr weekday( const std::chrono::sys_days& sd ) noexcept;
(3) (since C++20)
constexpr explicit weekday( const std::chrono::local_days& ld ) noexcept;
(4) (since C++20)

Constructs a weekday object.

1) Default constructor leaves the weekday value uninitialized.
2) Constructs a weekday object holding the weekday value wd. If wd == 7, the value held is 0. If wd > 255, the value held is unspecified.
3) Constructs a weekday object representing the day of the week sd corresponds to. This constructor defines an implicit conversion from std::chrono::sys_days to weekday.
4) Constructs a weekday object representing the day of the week ld corresponds to, as if by weekday(std::chrono::sys_days(ld.time_since_epoch())).

[edit] Parameters

wd - a weekday value
sd - a system days object
ld - a local days object

[edit] Example

#include <chrono>
#include <iomanip>
#include <iostream>
int main()
    constexpr std::chrono::weekday friday{5}; // uses overload (2)
    static_assert(friday == std::chrono::Friday);
    for (int y{2020}; y <= 2023; ++y)
        const std::chrono::year cur_year{y};
        for (int cur_month{1}; cur_month != 13; ++cur_month)
            const std::chrono::year_month_day ymd{cur_year/cur_month/13};
            const std::chrono::weekday cur_weekday{std::chrono::sys_days(ymd)}; // (3)
            if (cur_weekday == friday)
                std::cout << ymd << " is " << friday << '\n';


2020-03-13 is Fri
2020-11-13 is Fri
2021-08-13 is Fri
2022-05-13 is Fri
2023-01-13 is Fri
2023-10-13 is Fri