std::sorted_unique_t, std::sorted_unique

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Defined in header <flat_map>
Defined in header <flat_set>
struct sorted_unique_t { explicit sorted_unique_t() = default; };
(1) (since C++23)
inline constexpr sorted_unique_t sorted_unique{};
(2) (since C++23)
1) The type std::sorted_unique_t can be used in the function's (including constructor's) parameter list to match the intended tag.
2) The corresponding std::sorted_unique instance of (1) is a disambiguation tag that can be passed to the functions of std::flat_map and std::flat_set to indicate that the input range or container is sorted (with respect to the comparator used in flat container adaptor) and all elements of such container or range are unique.

[edit] Standard library

The following standard library container adaptors use (1,2) as disambiguation tags:

adapts two containers to provide a collection of key-value pairs, sorted by unique keys
(class template) [edit]
adapts a container to provide a collection of unique keys, sorted by keys
(class template) [edit]

[edit] See also

indicates that elements of a range are sorted (uniqueness is not required)
from-range construction tag
in-place construction tag