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path& operator=( const path& p );
(1) (filesystem TS)
path& operator=( path&& p );
(2) (filesystem TS)
template< class Source >
path& operator=( const Source& source );
(2) (filesystem TS)
1) Replaces the contents of *this with a copy of the contents of p.
2) Replaces the contents of *this with p, possibly using move semantics: p is left in valid, but unspecified state.
3) Replaces the contents of *this with a new path value constructed from source as if by overload (4) of the path constructor. Equivalent to assign(source).


[edit] Parameters

p - a path to assign
source - a std::basic_string, pointer to a null-terminated character/wide character string, or an input iterator that points to a null-terminated character/wide character sequence. The character type must be one of char, char16_t, char32_t, wchar_t

[edit] Return value


[edit] Exceptions

1) (none)
noexcept specification:  
3) (none)

[edit] Example

#include <experimental/filesystem>
namespace fs = std::experimental::filesystem;
int main()
    fs::path p = "C:/users/abcdef/AppData/Local";
    p = p / "Temp"; // move assignment
    const wchar_t* wstr = L"D:/猫.txt";
    p = wstr; // assignment from a source

[edit] See also

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