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template<class T>
ostream_joiner& operator=(const T& value);
(1) (library fundamentals TS v2)
ostream_joiner& operator=(const ostream_joiner& other) = default;
(2) (library fundamentals TS v2)
(implicitly declared)
ostream_joiner& operator=(ostream_joiner&& other) = default;
(3) (library fundamentals TS v2)
(implicitly declared)

1) First, if the private "first element" flag is false, insert the delimiter delim into the output stream os associated with this iterator as if by os << delim;.

Then, unconditionally sets the "first element" flag to false, and insert value into the output stream as if by os << value;.

Let out_stream, delim, and first_element denote the private stream pointer, delimiter, and "first element" flag members respectively, then this function is equivalent to

if (!first_element)
    *out_stream << delim;
first_element = false;
*out_stream << value;
return *this;

2-3) Implicitly declared copy/move assignment operator that copy/move assigns the private stream pointer, delimiter, and "first element" flag members.

[edit] Parameters

value - the object to to be written to the stream
other - the ostream_joiner object to be assigned to this object

[edit] Return value


[edit] Example