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tag specifiers
template< TagSpecifier Tag1, TagSpecifier Tag2, class T1, class T2 >
constexpr ranges::tagged</*see below*/, Tag1, Tag2> make_tagged_pair( T1&& x, T2&& y );
(ranges TS)

Convenience function for creating a tagged pair, deducing the element types from the arguments (the tag specifiers must be explicitly specified).

The see below portion of the return type is decltype(std::make_pair(std::forward<T1>(x), std::forward<T2>(y))).

[edit] Return value

R(std::forward<T1>(x), std::forward<T2>(y)), where R is the return type.

[edit] See also

specifies that a type represents a tag specifier and its element type
(concept) [edit]
augument a tuple-like type with named accessors
(class template) [edit]
alias template for a tagged std::pair
(alias template)[edit]
alias template for a tagged std::tuple
(alias template)[edit]
convenience function for creating a tagged_tuple
(function template) [edit]
tag specifiers for use with ranges::tagged
(class) [edit]