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tag specifiers
template< TaggedType T1, TaggedType T2 >
using tagged_pair = /* see below */;
(ranges TS)

Convenience alias template for naming a ranges::tagged wrapping a std::pair.

A TaggedType is a function type S(T), where S is a TagSpecifier and T is the type of the element.

tagged_pair<S1(T1), S2(T2)> is an alias for ranges::tagged<std::pair<T1, T2>, S1, S2>.

[edit] Notes

Because a function type is used to "glue" the tag specifier and the corresponding element type together, the usual parameter type adjustments apply. In particular, top-level cv-qualifiers are removed and array types are adjusted to pointers: tagged_pair<tag::in(const int* const), tag::out(int[])> is ranges::tagged<std::pair<const int*, int*>, tag::in, tag::out>.

[edit] See also

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