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Defined in header <experimental/simd>
template < class T >
using compatible = /*implementation-defined*/;
(parallelism TS v2)

compatible<T> is an implementation-defined alias for an ABI tag.

[edit] Notes

The intent is to use the ABI tag producing the most efficient data-parallel execution for the element type T that ensures ABI compatibility between translation units on the target architecture.

[edit] See also

(parallelism TS v2)
tag type for storing a single element
(typedef) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
tag type for storing specified number of elements
(alias template) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
tag type that is most efficient
(alias template) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
obtains an ABI type for given element type and number of elements
(class template) [edit]