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Defined in header <experimental/simd>
template< class T, class Abi = simd_abi::compatible<T> >
class simd_mask;
(parallelism TS v2)

The class template simd_mask is a data-parallel type with the element type bool. The width of a given simd_mask instantiation is a constant expression, determined by the template parameters. Specifically, simd_mask<T, Abi>::size() is always simd<T, Abi>::size().


[edit] Template parameters

T - the element type simd_mask applies on
Abi - the ABI type simd_mask applies on

[edit] Helper alias templates

Template Definition
template< class T, int N > using fixed_size_simd_mask simd_mask<T, simd_abi::fixed_size<N>>
template< class T > using native_simd_mask simd_mask<T, simd_abi::native<T>>

[edit] Member types

Member type Definition
value_type bool
reference implementation-defined
simd_type simd<T, Abi>
abi_type Abi

[edit] Member functions

(parallelism TS v2)
constructs a simd_mask object
(public member function) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
loads simd_mask elements from contiguous memory
(public member function) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
stores simd_mask elements to contiguous memory
(public member function) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
accesses specified element
(public member function) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
negates each element
(public member function) [edit]
[static] (parallelism TS v2)
returns the width / number of elements
(public static member function) [edit]

[edit] Non-member functions

(parallelism TS v2)
element-wise logic operators
(function) [edit]
element-wise bitwise operators
(function) [edit]
element-wise compound operators
(function) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
element-wise relation operators
(function) [edit]

[edit] Example

[edit] See also

(parallelism TS v2)
data-parallel vector type
(class template) [edit]
proxy to a subset of a valarray after applying a boolean mask operator[]
(class template) [edit]