std::experimental::vector_aligned_tag, std::experimental::vector_aligned

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Defined in header <experimental/simd>
struct vector_aligned_tag {};
inline constexpr vector_aligned_tag vector_aligned{};
(parallelism TS v2)

This tag type indicates that the buffer of copy_from and copy_to is aligned to memory_alignment_v<T, U>, where the copy operation operates on the simd/simd_mask type T, and the buffer with element type U.

[edit] Notes

This tag type allows to implement vector-aligned load and store.

[edit] See also

flag indicating alignment of the load/store address to element alignment
(class) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
flag indicating alignment of the load/store address to the specified alignment
(class template) [edit]
(parallelism TS v2)
obtains an appropriate alignment for vector_aligned
(class template) [edit]