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Defined in header <experimental/memory>
template< class T > class weak_ptr;
(library fundamentals TS)

std::experimental::weak_ptr is a modified version of std::weak_ptr that interoperates with std::experimental::shared_ptr and has support for arrays.


[edit] Member types

Member type Definition
element_type std::remove_extent_t<T>

[edit] Member functions

constructs new weak_ptr
(public member function) [edit]

Members and non-members identical to std::weak_ptr

Member functions

The following member functions work with std::experimental::shared_ptr instead of std::shared_ptr and std::experimental::weak_ptr instead of std::weak_ptr. The behavior is otherwise identical.

destroys a weak_ptr
(public member function of std::weak_ptr<T>) [edit]
assigns the weak_ptr
(public member function of std::weak_ptr<T>) [edit]
releases the ownership of the managed object
(public member function of std::weak_ptr<T>) [edit]
swaps the managed objects
(public member function of std::weak_ptr<T>) [edit]
returns the number of shared_ptr objects that manage the object
(public member function of std::weak_ptr<T>) [edit]
checks whether the referenced object was already deleted
(public member function of std::weak_ptr<T>) [edit]
creates a shared_ptr that manages the referenced object
(public member function of std::weak_ptr<T>) [edit]
provides owner-based ordering of weak pointers
(public member function of std::weak_ptr<T>) [edit]

Non-member functions

This non-member function is declared in the std::experimental namespace, and work with std::experimental::weak_ptr rather than std::weak_ptr, but otherwise behaves identically to the corresponding C++14 function.

specializes the std::swap algorithm
(function template) [edit]

[edit] Example