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path stem() const;
(since C++17)

Returns the filename identified by the generic-format path stripped of its extension.

Returns the substring from the beginning of filename() up to and not including the last period (.) character, with the following exceptions:

  • If the first character in the filename is a period, that period is ignored (a filename like ".profile" is not treated as an extension).
  • If the filename is one of the special filesystem components dot or dot-dot, or if it has no periods, the function returns the entire filename().


[edit] Parameters


[edit] Return value

The stem of the filename identified by the path (i.e. the filename without the final extension).

[edit] Exceptions

May throw implementation-defined exceptions.

[edit] Example

#include <filesystem>
#include <iostream>
namespace fs = std::filesystem;
int main()
    for (const fs::path p : {"/foo/bar.txt", "/foo/.bar", ""})
        std::cout << "path: " << p << ", stem: " << p.stem() << '\n';
    std::cout << '\n';
    for (fs::path p = ""; !p.extension().empty(); p = p.stem())
        std::cout << "path: " << p << ", extension: " << p.extension() << '\n';


path: "/foo/bar.txt", stem: "bar"
path: "/foo/.bar", stem: ".bar"
path: "", stem: ""
path: "", extension: ".tar"
path: "", extension: ".baz"
path: "", extension: ".bar"

[edit] See also

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