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This header is part of the Library Fundamentals TS (v1, v2).

[edit] Classes

Name Description
(library fundamentals TS)
exception that is thrown by a failed any_cast.
(library fundamentals TS)
Objects that hold instances of any type that satisfies the ValueType requirements.

[edit] Functions

swaps two any instances
(function) [edit]
type-safe access to the contained object
(function template) [edit]

[edit] Synopsis

namespace std {
namespace experimental {
inline namespace fundamentals_v1 {
  class bad_any_cast : public bad_cast
    virtual const char* what() const noexcept;
  class any
    // 6.3.1, any construct/destruct
    any() noexcept;
    any(const any& other);
    any(any&& x) noexcept;
    template <class ValueType>
        any(ValueType&& value);
    // 6.3.2, any assignments
    any& operator=(const any& rhs);
    any& operator=(any&& rhs) noexcept;
    template <class ValueType>
      any& operator=(ValueType&& rhs);
    // 6.3.3, any modifiers
    void clear() noexcept;
    void swap(any& rhs) noexcept;
    // 6.3.4, any observers
    bool empty() const noexcept;
    const type_info& type() const noexcept;
  // 6.4, Non-member functions
  void swap(any& x, any& y) noexcept;
  template<class ValueType>
    ValueType any_cast(const any& operand);
  template<class ValueType>
    ValueType any_cast(any& operand);
  template<class ValueType>
    ValueType any_cast(any&& operand);
  template<class ValueType>
    const ValueType* any_cast(const any* operand) noexcept;
  template<class ValueType>
    ValueType* any_cast(any* operand) noexcept;
} // namespace fundamentals_v1
} // namespace experimental
} // namespace std