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std::span<CharT> span() const noexcept;
(1) (since C++23)
void span( std::span<CharT> s ) noexcept;
(2) (since C++23)
1) Gets a span referencing the written area if std::ios_base::out is set in the open mode, or a span referencing the underlying buffer otherwise.
2) Makes the basic_spanbuf perform I/O on the buffer referenced by s. Sets pointers to get area, put area, or both.
Set bits in open mode
(affecting pointers to get area)
Return value after setting
eback() gptr() egptr()
std::ios_base::in + s.size()
Set bits in open mode
(affecting pointers to put area)
Return value after setting
pbase() pptr() epptr()
std::ios_base::out && !std::ios_base::ate + s.size()
std::ios_base::out && std::ios_base::ate + s.size() + s.size()


[edit] Parameters

s - a std::span that references the user-provided buffer

[edit] Return value

1) std::span<CharT>(pbase(), pptr()) if std::ios_base::out is set in the open mode, or a std::span<CharT> that references the whole underlying buffer otherwise.
2) (none)

[edit] Example

[edit] See also

replaces or obtains a copy of the associated character string
(public member function of std::basic_stringbuf<CharT,Traits,Allocator>) [edit]
obtains a view over the underlying character sequence
(public member function of std::basic_stringbuf<CharT,Traits,Allocator>) [edit]
marks the buffer frozen and returns the beginning pointer of the input sequence
(public member function of std::strstreambuf) [edit]