C++ named requirements: BinaryTypeTrait

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C++ named requirements

A BinaryTypeTrait is a class template that describes a relationship between its two template type parameters with a intergral_constant (typically bool_constant) specialization.

[edit] Requirements

  • DefaultConstructible and CopyConstructible
  • Takes two template type parameters (additional template parameters are optional and allowed)
  • Publicly and unambiguously derived from a specialization of intergral_constant, known as its base characteristic
  • The member names of the base characteristic are not hidden and are unambiguously available

[edit] Standard library

The following standard library class templates satisfy BinaryTypeTrait.

checks if two types are the same
(class template) [edit]
checks if a type is derived from the other type
(class template) [edit]
checks if a type can be converted to the other type
(class template) [edit]
checks if a type can be invoked (as if by std::invoke) with the given argument types
(class template) [edit]
checks if the specified type supports uses-allocator construction
(class template) [edit]