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(until C++23)(C++23)

constexpr /*iterator*/& operator++();
(1) (since C++23)
constexpr /*iterator*/ operator++(int);
(2) (since C++23)
constexpr /*iterator*/& operator--() requires ranges::bidirectional_range<V>;
(3) (since C++23)
constexpr /*iterator*/ operator--(int) requires ranges::bidirectional_range<V>;
(4) (since C++23)

Increments or decrements the iterator.

Let parent_, current_, and next_ be the appropriate underlying (exposition-only) data-members of iterator.

Let find-next and find-prev be appropriate (exposition-only) member functions of ranges::chunk_by_view.

1) Equivalent to:
current_ = next_;
next_ = parent_->/*find-next*/(current_);
return *this;
The behavior is undefined if before the call to this operator current_ is equal to next_.
2) Equivalent to: auto tmp = *this; ++*this; return tmp;
3) Equivalent to:
next_ = current_;
current_ = parent_->/*find-prev*/(next_);
return *this;
4) Equivalent to: auto tmp = *this; --*this; return tmp;

[edit] Parameters


[edit] Return value

1,3) *this
2,4) a copy of *this that was made before the change.