std::char_traits<char>::compare, std::char_traits<wchar_t>::compare, std::char_traits<char8_t>::compare, std::char_traits<char16_t>::compare, std::char_traits<char32_t>::compare

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static int compare( const char_type* s1, const char_type* s2,
                    std::size_t count );
(constexpr since C++17)

Compares the first count characters of the character strings s1 and s2. The comparison is done lexicographically.

If count is zero, strings are considered equal.

See CharTraits for the general requirements on character traits for X::compare.

[edit] Parameters

s1, s2 - pointers to character strings to compare
count - the number of characters to compare from each character string

[edit] Return value

Negative value if s1 is less than s2.

0 if s1 is equal to s2.

Positive value if s1 is greater than s2.

[edit] Complexity

Linear in count.