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Defined in header <cwctype>
std::wctrans_t wctrans( const char* str );

Constructs a value of type std::wctrans_t that describes a LC_CTYPE category of wide character mapping. It may be one of the standard mappings, or a locale-specific mapping, such as "tojhira" or "tojkata".


[edit] Parameters

str - C string holding the name of the desired mapping.

The following values of str are supported in all C locales:

Value of str Effect
"toupper" identifies the mapping used by towupper
"tolower" identifies the mapping used by towlower

[edit] Return value

std::wctrans_t object suitable for use with std::towctrans to map wide characters according to the named mapping of the current C locale or zero if str does not name a mapping supported by the current C locale.

[edit] Example

[edit] See also

performs character mapping according to the specified LC_CTYPE mapping category
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