std::ranges Symbol Index


This page tries to list all the symbols that are available from the standard library (ranges library) in the namespace std::ranges. The symbols are written as follows:

  • Function names with ().
  • Templates with <>.

Symbols from std::ranges's sub-namespaces (e.g. views) are not listed here, but the namespace names (prepended with the icon ▶) are the links to the corresponding pages.



[edit] A

adjacent_find (since C++23)
adjacent_transform_view<> (since C++23)
adjacent_view<> (since C++23)
advance (since C++20)
all_of (since C++20)
any_of (since C++20)
as_const_view<> (since C++23)
as_rvalue_view<> (since C++23)

[edit] B

basic_istream_view<> (since C++20)
begin (since C++20)
bidirectional_range<> (since C++20)
binary_transform_result<> (since C++20)
borrowed_iterator_t<> (since C++20)
borrowed_range<> (since C++20)
borrowed_subrange_t<> (since C++20)

[edit] C

cartesian_product_view<> (since C++23)
cbegin (since C++20)
cdata (since C++20)
chunk_by_view<> (since C++23)
chunk_view<> (since C++23)
cend (since C++20)
clamp (since C++20)
common_range<> (since C++20)
common_view<> (since C++20)
const_iterator_t<> (since C++23)
constant_range<> (since C++23)
construct_at (since C++20)
contains (since C++23)
contains_subrange (since C++23)
contiguous_range<> (since C++20)
copy (since C++20)
copy_backward (since C++20)
copy_backward_result<> (since C++20)
copy_if (since C++20)
copy_if_result<> (since C++20)
copy_n (since C++20)
copy_n_result<> (since C++20)
copy_result<> (since C++20)
count (since C++20)
count_if (since C++20)
crbegin (since C++20)
crend (since C++20)

[edit] D

dangling (since C++20)
data (since C++20)
destroy (since C++20)
destroy_at (since C++20)
destroy_n (since C++20)
disable_sized_range<> (since C++20)
distance (since C++20)
drop_view<> (since C++20)
drop_while_view<> (since C++20)

[edit] E

elements_view<> (since C++20)
empty (since C++20)
empty_view<> (since C++20)
enable_borrowed_range<> (since C++20)
enable_view<> (since C++20)
end (since C++20)
ends_with (since C++23)
equal (since C++20)
equal_to (since C++20)

[edit] F

fill (since C++20)
fill_n (since C++20)
filter_view<> (since C++20)
find (since C++20)
find_end (since C++20)
find_first_of (since C++20)
find_if (since C++20)
find_if_not (since C++20)
find_last (since C++23)
find_last_if (since C++23)
find_last_if_not (since C++23)
fold_left (since C++23)
fold_left_first (since C++23)
fold_left_first_with_iter (since C++23)
fold_left_with_iter (since C++23)
fold_right (since C++23)
fold_right_last (since C++23)
for_each (since C++20)
for_each_n (since C++20)
for_each_n_result<> (since C++20)
for_each_result<> (since C++20)
forward_range<> (since C++20)

[edit] G

generate (since C++20)
generate_n (since C++20)
get<>() (std::ranges::subrange) (since C++20)
greater (since C++20)
greater_equal (since C++20)

[edit] I

in_found_result<> (since C++20)
in_fun_result<> (since C++20)
in_in_out_result<> (since C++20)
in_in_result<> (since C++20)
in_out_out_result<> (since C++20)
in_out_result<> (since C++20)
in_value_result<> (since C++23)
includes (since C++20)
inplace_merge (since C++20)
input_range<> (since C++20)
iota (since C++23)
iota_result<> (since C++23)
iota_view<> (since C++20)
is_heap (since C++20)
is_heap_until (since C++20)
is_partitioned (since C++20)
is_permutation (since C++20)
is_sorted (since C++20)
is_sorted_until (since C++20)
istream_view<> (since C++20)
iter_move (since C++20)
iter_swap (since C++20)
iterator_t<> (since C++20)

[edit] J

join_view<> (since C++20)
join_with_view<> (since C++23)

[edit] K

keys_view<> (since C++20)

[edit] L

lazy_split_view<> (since C++20)
less (since C++20)
less_equal (since C++20)
lexicographical_compare (since C++20)

[edit] M

make_heap (since C++20)
max (since C++20)
max_element (since C++20)
merge (since C++20)
merge_result<> (since C++20)
min (since C++20)
min_element (since C++20)
min_max_result<> (since C++20)
minmax (since C++20)
minmax_element (since C++20)
minmax_element_result<> (since C++20)
minmax_result<> (since C++20)
mismatch (since C++20)
mismatch_result<> (since C++20)
move (since C++20)
move_backward (since C++20)
move_backward_result<> (since C++20)
move_result<> (since C++20)

[edit] N

next (since C++20)
next_permutation (since C++20)
next_permutation_result<> (since C++20)
none_of (since C++20)
not_equal_to (since C++20)
nth_element (since C++20)

[edit] O

out_value_result<> (since C++23)
output_range<> (since C++20)
owning_view<> (since C++20)

[edit] P

partial_sort (since C++20)
partial_sort_copy (since C++20)
partial_sort_copy_result<> (since C++20)
partition (since C++20)
partition_copy (since C++20)
partition_copy_result<> (since C++20)
partition_point (since C++20)
pop_heap (since C++20)
prev (since C++20)
prev_permutation (since C++20)
prev_permutation_result<> (since C++20)
push_heap (since C++20)

[edit] R

random_access_range<> (since C++20)
range<> (since C++20)
range_adaptor_closure<> (since C++23)
range_const_reference_t<> (since C++23)
range_difference_t<> (since C++20)
range_reference_t<> (since C++20)
range_rvalue_reference_t<> (since C++20)
range_size_t<> (since C++20)
range_value_t<> (since C++20)
rbegin (since C++20)
ref_view<> (since C++20)
remove (since C++20)
remove_copy (since C++20)
remove_copy_if (since C++20)
remove_copy_if_result<> (since C++20)
remove_copy_result<> (since C++20)
remove_if (since C++20)
rend (since C++20)
repeat_view<> (since C++23)
replace (since C++20)
replace_copy (since C++20)
replace_copy_if (since C++20)
replace_copy_if_result<> (since C++20)
replace_copy_result<> (since C++20)
replace_if (since C++20)
reverse (since C++20)
reverse_copy (since C++20)
reverse_copy_result<> (since C++20)
reverse_view<> (since C++20)
rotate (since C++20)
rotate_copy (since C++20)
rotate_copy_result<> (since C++20)

[edit] S

sample (since C++20)
search (since C++20)
search_n (since C++20)
sentinel_t<> (since C++20)
set_difference (since C++20)
set_difference_result<> (since C++20)
set_intersection (since C++20)
set_intersection_result<> (since C++20)
set_symmetric_difference (since C++20)
set_symmetric_difference_result<> (since C++20)
set_union (since C++20)
set_union_result<> (since C++20)
shift_left (since C++23)
shift_right (since C++23)
shuffle (since C++20)
single_view<> (since C++20)
size (since C++20)
sized_range<> (since C++20)
sort (since C++20)
sort_heap (since C++20)
slide_view<> (since C++23)
split_view<> (since C++20)
ssize (since C++20)
stable_partition (since C++20)
stable_sort (since C++20)
starts_with (since C++23)
stride_view<> (since C++23)
subrange<> (since C++20)
subrange_kind (since C++20)
swap (since C++20)
swap_ranges (since C++20)
swap_ranges_result<> (since C++20)

[edit] T

take_view<> (since C++20)
take_while_view<> (since C++20)
transform (since C++20)
to<> (since C++23)
transform_view<> (since C++20)

[edit] U

unary_transform_result<> (since C++20)
uninitialized_copy (since C++20)
uninitialized_copy_n (since C++20)
uninitialized_copy_n_result<> (since C++20)
uninitialized_copy_result<> (since C++20)
uninitialized_default_construct (since C++20)
uninitialized_default_construct_n (since C++20)
uninitialized_fill (since C++20)
uninitialized_fill_n (since C++20)
uninitialized_move (since C++20)
uninitialized_move_n (since C++20)
uninitialized_move_n_result<> (since C++20)
uninitialized_move_result<> (since C++20)
uninitialized_value_construct (since C++20)
uninitialized_value_construct_n (since C++20)
unique (since C++20)
unique_copy (since C++20)
unique_copy_result<> (since C++20)

[edit] V

values_view<> (since C++20)
view<> (since C++20)
view_base (since C++20)
view_interface<> (since C++20)
viewable_range<> (since C++20)
views (since C++20)

[edit] W

wistream_view<> (since C++20)

[edit] Z

zip_transform_view<> (since C++23)
zip_view<> (since C++23)