Symbol Index (removed)

Symbol Index
(deprecated in C++20)
Removed symbols

This page tries to list all the symbols that were available from the Standard Library in the namespace std:: or in the scope of a scoped enumeration or a class, but removed in following standards. The symbols are written as follows:

  • Function names with ().
  • Templates with <>.

Member names that are still available in other types are not listed here.


[edit] Removed in C++14

gets() (deprecated in C++11)

[edit] Removed in C++17

auto_ptr<> (deprecated in C++11)
binary_function<> (deprecated in C++11)
bind1st<>() (deprecated in C++11)
bind2nd<>() (deprecated in C++11)
binder1st<> (deprecated in C++11)
binder2nd<> (deprecated in C++11)
const_mem_fun_ref_t<> (deprecated in C++11)
const_mem_fun_t<> (deprecated in C++11)
const_mem_fun1_ref_t<> (deprecated in C++11)
const_mem_fun1_t<> (deprecated in C++11)
get_unexpected() (since C++11)(deprecated in C++11)
mem_fun<>() (deprecated in C++11)
mem_fun_ref<>() (deprecated in C++11)
mem_fun_ref_t<> (deprecated in C++11)
mem_fun_t<> (deprecated in C++11)
mem_fun1_ref_t<> (deprecated in C++11)
mem_fun1_t<> (deprecated in C++11)
pointer_to_binary_function<> (deprecated in C++11)
pointer_to_unary_function<> (deprecated in C++11)
ptr_fun<>() (deprecated in C++11)
random_shuffle<>() (deprecated in C++14)
set_unexpected() (deprecated in C++11)
unary_function<> (deprecated in C++11)
unexpected() (deprecated in C++11)
unexpected_handler (deprecated in C++11)

[edit] Member names

io_state (deprecated in C++98)
open_mode (deprecated in C++98)
seek_dir (deprecated in C++98)
stossc() (deprecated in C++98)

[edit] Removed in C++20

binary_negate<> (deprecated in C++17)
get_temporary_buffer<>() (deprecated in C++17)
is_literal_type<> (since C++11)(deprecated in C++17)
is_literal_type_v<> (since C++17)(deprecated in C++17)
not1<>() (deprecated in C++17)
not2<>() (deprecated in C++17)
raw_storage_iterator<> (deprecated in C++17)
result_of<> (since C++11)(deprecated in C++17)
result_of_t<> (since C++14)(deprecated in C++17)
return_temporary_buffer<>() (deprecated in C++17)
unary_negate<> (deprecated in C++17)
uncaught_exception() (deprecated in C++17)

[edit] Member names

argument_type (deprecated in C++17)
first_argument_type (deprecated in C++17)
second_argument_type (deprecated in C++17)

[edit] Removed in C++23

declare_no_pointers() (since C++11)
declare_reachable() (since C++11)
get_pointer_safety() (since C++11)
pointer_safety (since C++11)
undeclare_no_pointers() (since C++11)
undeclare_reachable<>() (since C++11)

[edit] Member names

preferred (since C++11)
strict (since C++11)