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Defined in header <tuple>
template< tuple-like TTuple, tuple-like UTuple,

          template<class> class TQual, template<class> class UQual >
    requires /* see below */

struct basic_common_reference<TTuple, UTuple, TQual, UQual>;
(since C++23)

The common reference type of two tuple-like types is a std::tuple consists of the common reference types of all corresponding element type pairs of both types, where the cv and reference qualifiers on the tuple-like types are applied to their element types.


the following constraints need to be satisfied:

[edit] Member types

Member type Definition
type std::tuple<std::common_reference_t<TQual<TTypes>..., UQual<UTypes>>...>

[edit] Example

[edit] See also

determines the common reference type of a group of types
(class template) [edit]
determines the common reference type of two pairs
(class template specialization) [edit]